ZIMBABWE: Rise of a Republic

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Zimbabwe is at a critical juncture in its history. Never before has this nation faced such an unprecedented threat from its own government. The Zimbabwean citizen is facing its own version of threat to its national security and prosperity.

So the question is what do Zimbabweans do? And where do they start to rebuild their nation into a true Republic. Thomas Jefferson once said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” Yes I agree there hasn’t been a time since independence have the people of Zimbabwe been forced to replenish its tree of liberty than this critical moment. It all starts by using our most vital Constitutional right freedom of expression, assembly, association, to demonstrate and petition. Basically our ability as human beings to use our voice, to call Bad government – Bad Government.

Yes it starts with voicing out your concern. In fact it’s your duty as a citizen to say something, anything when you feel that your livelihood is at stake.

“For the silence of the citizens is the greatest weapon that tyranny uses to keep itself in power”

In the 21st century it is next to impossible to hide the truth and to prevent the truth from being said and Zimbabweans are beginning to wake up to this reality. There needs to be a greater use of social media, using every technological tool to record and broadcast history. If you see a police officer abusing his authority record it and share it with the world, if you have an idea do wait, tell the nation about it.

It is the ability to share ideas and expose the truth. That’s what makes it difficult for a tyrannical regime to keep harming and controlling its citizens. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

“It is with in chaos that we must not lose sight of our citizen unity.”

Like any African revolt against its government, we must be wary of those that look to benefit from the chaos and Zimbabwe is no different. It is in such moments that citizens must stay united and not lose sight of their objective. We must never allow demagogues to use our plight to gain power “It must be those who make over-zealous promises more vigorously than promote for the centralization and efficiency of government that we must fear”.

But that does not mean we should be afraid to act. Zimbabwe is a nation with rich history of greatness and the citizenry must demand for their Republic to rise once again. It is up to each and every one of us to do something anything no matter what impact you make, just get people talking, get people thinking and above all get people to act for the sake of our nation #ZIMBABWE


ZIMBABWE: Rise of a Republic

“No Revolutionary party survives its own revolution”

There is great fervor once again in a land that has a history of greatness from the times of the Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe as we like to know call it, to the revolutionary wars of independence. Zimbabwe once again raises from its slumber the sleeping giant. It is as though the people that make this land great seem to be having a great awakening, enlightenment. But unlike 36 years ago it is not against a racist government, but just like 36 years ago it is once again the people of this glorious republic that have decided to stand against tyranny, against injustice, economic enslavement. Not by a foreign regime but against their own.

Let me take you back 36 years ago. It was 1980 at the height of independence a new nation was born. With the promise of democracy, freedom, equality for all and yes to be honest those promises where upheld for a decade or so. But this was not just that promise that mattered. It was the symbolism that this new nation in Africa gave to the rest of the world. That a tiny but yet powerful country could be a beacon of hope for a desolate continent, that it was this tiny country that could lead the continent into a new age of democracy. With a rise of a new regime, they promised it all, free education, jobs for all and many more socio-economic ideals. When chaos reigned on the continent it was Zimbabwe that flexed its military might to keep order from DRC to Mozambique to helping peacekeeping missions on the continent, producing enough food to feed other African states. The rise of this republic was like no other on the continent.

“A dangerous Ambition more often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people, than under the forbidding appearances of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of government….”- Publius

Let us fast forward to the year 2016. The once mighty Zimbabwe has become a shadow of its former glory. Now it is only known as the begging state. There is Hunger, unemployment, an education system that has not evolved, political violence and a new oppressive regime. The promise of the republic that is now gone. Zimbabwe since 1997 and maybe before then has seen their “Diamond of Africa” disappear under an extractive political and economic institutions designed to purposefully create poverty and subdue the people. Family’s broken, Zimbabwean migrants all over the world. Even as you read this one child is dying because of malnutrition.

But just like 36 years ago Zimbabwe is reaching a critical juncture in its history. With an aging baby boomer population and rising youth that is feels disillusioned with the propaganda and growing up where they witness their fellow millennial generation prosper in other lands. Never before has this nation seen such a political awakening. Political Discontent is ripe in this tiny nation of 15million. Voices are no longer remaining silent. The cries of a young generation rise up from the depths of the abyss to challenge the status quo. To look to a dawn of a new age, one that truly lives up to the desires of the people. This political evolution from the patronage beliefs of the old to the inclusive, democratic ways of the new world order is upon us.

“History will judge this moment and ask us what we gave our future selves. Did we give ourselves tyranny or did we give ourselves hope, a dream, a belief that law, freedoms, rights and prosperity could be given to all.”

As you read this you have a choice, between tyranny and democracy, between prosperity and poverty, and “whether societies of men are really capable or not, of establishing good government from reflection and choice…” – Publius (Federalist No.1). The role of government is to lead, it is to protect its people and never extract from it. For far too long the people of Zimbabwe have lived a life of being economic slaves. A life where any intellectual advancement, any entrepreneurial drives is thwarted by a regime that is threatened by what Daron Acemogulu called Creative Destruction. This has left this nation once a mighty economic power to become a pariah state for investment. To the international community we have become a disease that one avoids at all cost and have become the joke of the global political arena.

The final question one has to answer is which side are you on. Will you be able to face your future self and say you made the right decision, not just for your fellow citizens but for yourself?

In the next post of Zimbabwe: Rise of a Republic. We will look at the different options this nation has to recovering its former glory.

Remember this that WE ARE THE FEDERATION.

The African Educational Mentality Needs To Catch Up To The Modern Business World


“If you give children an education, they will not pick up guns…they will simply use their knowledge to make a better world for themselves.”-Tinashe Gwariro

In the heat of the African sun a child vigorously writes his notes while attentively listening to the teacher dictate to him some accounting principles, business leadership theories or better still some basics of economics. Then that teacher would stop and say “children work hard so one day you will become accountants, managers etc.”

Now to the average child that doesn’t sound bad. Accountants make good money, manager’s lead large organizations. But there is a problem one that runs deep behind that statement. What is it you may wonder its simple it’s the lack of vision and entrepreneurial spirit behind the statement and this is where problem begins for Africa’s educational mentality towards the world of business.

Many of my young colleagues or even acquaintances I just meet around my travels. You ask them, “What do you want to do or to be in 10-15 years” many would reply with the same old adage “I want to be a doctor, accountant, nurse, lawyer, I want to manage Econet, MTN, SA Airline” now these are not bad choices considering the lack of those professionals that we have in many African countries.

The problem is nobody wants to dream big, take the risk, look over the cliff and do the impossible by saying I want to be president so I implement ABC changes, or I want to create the greatest aerospace company on the African continent or even something small like opening multiple chain stores across a certain country. Many of us want to play it safe do what’s always been done work for those that have already dreamt big and taken the risks. But I don’t blame the African youth nobody teaches them that to be bold to take a chance and that’s where we as a continent are falling short on the business front.

We wait for the US to produce Mark Zuckerberg who in turn created Facebook; we wait for the Chinese to create the next affordable smartphones in the form of Huawei. As an African ask yourself why not us. Yes some of you would point out to the issues of political instability, poor economies and lack of capital to start those ventures.

But the same issue still comes back to the fact that most of our continents educated do not or have not been taught to tackle those pressing issues, have not been trained to use what is taught in the classroom to real life business or economic situations. Our schooling systems produce employees not visionaries or entrepreneurs.

But in modern times in the world of business companies don’t look for the same old boring employees. They want men and women who are going to be capable to think on their feet, come up with new ideas, ready to evolve at a moment’s notice, to have the necessary soft skills such as critical thinking, logical ability, foreign language skills very necessary for a globalization that is rapidly expanding and with organizations having interests in multiple countries it’s always good to have employees with multiple languages in their brains.

Now I was fortunate enough to have attended private schools all my life and I had the teachers who would preach “You have to know what goes on around the world son”, “Be creative think on your feet”, “Evolve or get fired my boy” these where some of the sayings of my accounting and business teachers. At first I thought they were crazy until I finally saw the value in what they were talking about. That in the business world more and more technology is being incorporated and if you did not know how to use the latest software’s out there you were at a disadvantage.

A few years ago I would recall an English teacher saying learning other people’s cultures or languages doesn’t mean you hate your own it means you won’t have a problem where ever you may end up. In 2014 out of sheer boredom I decided to pick up German as language to learn and by sheer luck a few months later at the work place I was employed at I met a German and the instant thing that I did was to respond to him in that language though I could tell that he could notice that I was far from being fluent but we had lunch together and in that moment I realized that if it was a job interview of a German company looking to hire and start operations in Zimbabwe I may have had a little added advantage than someone else applying for the same job.

Now I am not advocating for African schools to just start teaching German or any European language. But I am advocating for schools to broaden their language basis even African languages as well.

As I conclude I want you the reader to imagine especially if you’re African. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, business exec or another college or high school graduate like me. I want you to imagine a world where the African continent could have both young and old people who can promote new economic theories, create business ideas that would hire thousands of Africans across the continent because we as a people, have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Imagine a continent with more leaders with the critical and logical thinking to make the right decisions that can make our continent prosperous.

What this continent needs is not just to produce employees for Multinationals or even indigenous African businesses. What we need to do is to produce more high school and college graduates, who have what it take to lead, to be critical and logical so that they apply what they learn and not just be walking encyclopedias of knowledge. To produce more motivated bold entrepreneurs who will create and grow their businesses and hire more people and being a part of leading the world in technological industries, pharmaceutical industry, management practice and service industries such as banking and retail.

Even the business community on the African continent needs to start letting schools both secondary and university level that the future graduate needs to be better, smarter, bolder, driven and has to be able to adapt or evolve to changes of industry and be able to have the entrepreneurial vision to come up with the latest business ideas. Let the next great idea that changes the world come from this continent and let our African schools begin to lead in that journey.

“GWARINOMICS” Nation Building Part 3: How Institutions should function that make up a nation

”A nation that has an extractive corrupt system always leads to a vendor state as only a few that govern that state have the power to prosper from it…..but a nation that has an inclusive political and economic system results In prosperity for all that are willing to work for this is what I believe to should be the way a nation should be.”- Tinashe Gwariro

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Failed state poverty

After the recent events on the African continent from the Boko Haram to Xenophobia to the recent surge of vendor in the city streets of African states especially in Zimbabwe. All of these events I believe all have one thing in common, that is the failed institutions that govern those states affected by these events. I believe that it’s the perfect time to bring this issue I’ve held off for so long and that is the Institutions that govern a nation or society.

In my last post on Nation building I talked about the size of government concluding that any nation needs a government that is in accordance to the needs of its citizens and one that does not excessively become a tax burden on that society. Today I talk about the institutions that matter to a society well the basic institutions necessary for a society to be governed and become prosperous.

Now sit down and read because I am about to teach you something. Any nation great or small should always have institutions that are as follows:

  • Societal:
  1. Economic
  2. Judicial
  3. Welfare and Education
  • Political
  1. Parliamentary or Congressional
  2. Executive Branch
  3. Electoral Process
  • Security
  1. Security apparatus


Economic institutions

For a society to be strong it must have the option to choose its economic path. Let’s face it Communism and Socialism are tried and failed experiments. North Korea is an example; China is slowly shifting away from its Command economics. Every nation needs an inclusive economic system where there is equal opportunity to advance under the citizens own will power and personal ability. But this can only happen when the economic institutions in place create the incentive to work and profit. From my understanding of Daron Acemoglu in his book Why Nations Fail says that these incentives are “allowance of private property, the allowance to keep most of profit from enterprise, the choice to dictate economic direction of the citizen themselves.” However if the economic institutions that are in place promote corruption, expensive venture, there is no security of private property or protection from the state from property take overs then a society will find no need at all to become prosperous.

But in every society the leadership needs to provide support to the citizenry to start their entrepreneurial ventures. This includes having a very sound Banking system with loan interest rates being of manageable cost, government must always provide for public investment when private investment and loans becomes impossible for the citizenry. Most importantly government must always create rules and laws that ensure that no citizen is taken advantage off by corrupt officials, from the citizens themselves and by large corporations that will always block the market from entry by Small to Medium Enterprise (SME). However to much regulation and government red tape can also become a burden on the citizen rather than an incentive but regulation is necessary for the protection of all.

It is only when such measures are in place that a society can begin to benefit from the economic opportunities that are there in that country. Economic institutions that matter are the banking system that provides financial access to all, an Anti – Corruption Body that is independent of the government especially the executive branch, financial services and entrepreneurial education business centers that aid in helping the citizenry start-maintain-succeed in their ventures.

“What is a society without the rule of law, for without rule of law people just become a bunch of wild animals that react on impulse, even nature itself has laws that govern it.”- Tinashe Gwariro



For a nation to become prosperous it needs a level of peace and tranquility with equal opportunity. That is where an effective judicial system can provide law and order and ensure that equality with in a society. No country in the world can govern without it and the Laws in that country are to be seen as the supreme standard for any decision to be made upon those who commit harm, commit corruption, and endanger the society. For it to be equal no one including the head of state of that country should be exempt from the rule of law. Punishment must fit the crime and must always be humane.

Above all the powers of the Supreme Court must be withheld in the hands of the society for it is the society that decides who is guilty or innocent and that can only be done by having Supreme Court judges to be elected or nominated through a special election where the nations legal personnel i.e. lawyers, attorneys, magistrates or whatever they are called in the respective nation. This ensures that the executive branch has no say on choice and limits its ability to corrupt the system as the nation’s legal experts are the ones that decide who makes judgment. Only through the nations Congress or Parliament can the final decision on who becomes a judge in the highest court of the land as the power on the people flows through the members that represent them In that congress or parliament.

“An educated citizenry will always ensure a nation survives for millennia for it will always be politically engaged, skilled enough to evolve and ensure a steady flow of learned leaders that will take the nation to its next step of greatness and prosperity”- Tinashe Gwariro


Welfare and education

Education is vital especially when a nation creates an inclusive political and economic system. For it is education that ensures its citizens are prepared to govern itself, create the enterprise that create the jobs for the society, ensure that the citizens have the skill sets that are required in an ever developing economy. Education must always be industry based and should start from an early age. Strong science education will ensure that technological innovation doesn’t run out in a country and medical advancements in vaccine and cures are always available, strong education in Human sciences will ensure that a society will create the right future leaders who understand humanity and its existence and how a society should function for a nation to be strong it is here that leaders are born, strong economics and business education will ensure that a society has business leaders that are always creating sound sustainable business decisions and that jobs are created through their entrepreneurial efforts. The list goes on but it is those three that I believe to be the most needed in a society.

However some failed states have failed becomes poor educated citizenry is unable to stand up to the tyrannical regimes that oppress them. When citizens are ignorant and devoid of knowledge how will they know that the leadership is right or wrong for them. “One must always wonder…if a the leadership does not take education seriously does it mean they can’t manage or is it because the elite few that govern find it easier to rule an ignorant masses that are zombie like and devoid of knowledge and that they fear an educated masses will know when and how to revolt” Tinashe Gwariro

Therefore it is essential that the state provides for an industry focused degree programs, High school education that is globalized and an early learning environment for infants so they can develop from an early stage. The state should ensure that the public schools can match or compete with the standards of private institutions so that children from low income homes can also benefit from a good education like their wealthier counterparts. However teachers and schools must be under pressure always to take responsibility to ensure grades are high and graduations happen more than failures and drop outs. I propose that nations force children to stay in school until they receive that nations’ most basic education in other words ban school drop outs.

“Every citizen should have access to basic  health care, housing, water, food and psychological assistance….for he or she will just become a walking disease and a problem to society”– Tinashe Gwariro

We can debate all we want but at the end of the day we all know that basics of living are necessary. But what we can debate is how far assistance should happen and for whom. Now I believe no matter who you are you all deserve to have food, water, housing and psychological assistance. In other words welfare of state is necessary. When a citizen has access to such things their mind has more freedom to focus on other matters, saving, entrepreneurship, political ambition among other things that can aid in the development of themselves and the state as a whole. People who have lost their jobs due to failed companies should be given assistance from the state after all they were paying their fair share of taxes all along.

The disabled are in some but not all cases incapable of providing for themselves therefore they are the ones the state needs to assist. Ensuring that they have the basic necessities to live and they are not discriminated by other citizens. Providing for the homeless is essential. Imagine for a moment if there was some form of state housing for the homeless along with assistance to find work. How many petty criminals would the state remove of the streets?

Healthcare is vital whether provided by the state or through private health firms. What matters is affordable health care, making it possible for anyone to be able to cover their medical costs without having to make a choice between health and food or health and paying the bills. It is therefore necessary that Hospitals and clinics are built, rapid response teams are there and health education is done. Many of the virus and disease out breaks on the African continent is due to the fact that many are ignorant of how to avoid such out breaks and also the lack of an organized health system is another reason


It is out of politics that determines who gets to rule, when to rule and how to rule….it is out of the society that leaders are born and created and put into the politics.….if the society is incapable, corrupt and not unified so will its leaders be incapable and corrupt”– Tinashe Gwariro

For a society wants to create a state that is prosperous and united….its politics must be inclusive, free, equal and fair. No one should be subject to isolation from the nation’s politics. According to the book Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu the reason why South Korea and North Korea, Nogales in the United States and Nogales in Mexico are different in terms of prosperity, security and equality is because of different politics.

It is very clear that Nations that are poor are the ones that have Politics that is isolationist, where opposition is restricted or nonexistent. Where fear is made by the leaders that take advantage of an incapable society and a democratic process that is therefore turned into a tyrannical political system.

Let’s face it the discussion can go on and on. On how or what politics should exist with in a society to build a strong nation. But I will put my points out there and then the reader will decide to agree, disagree or add on.

The electoral process must mirror the economic system. If the economics is inclusive, free and there is incentive and security from seizure from the state…so should the politics be inclusive, free of choice and fair, there should be security from prosecution of political choice and belief, above all there should be an incentive to vote. After all it is the vote of the citizen that determines what direction the nation should take. Thus the politician and statesmen should offer clear sound policies and convince the citizen to vote and they should also deliver on those promises.

The executive branch and the parliament/congress must always remember that they are elected and they must conduct the people’s business. As I said before it is out of society that leaders are born and created. Failure to do so will result in a state that has leaders that create and extractive economic system, ruthless oppressive regime and poor society that is uneducated. Meaning the country over a long term will find it difficult to change from its way of governance as the society over time will begin to exhibit the tyrannical way of leadership for generations to come. In my previous blog I talked about the size of government. It must be remembered that the size of government needs to be in accordance of the needs of the people. In all fairness there is no need for irrelevant ministries, departments and positions. Seriously a Ministry of Climate is irrelevant, the nations environment should be protected by legislation and not by a whole ministry or department like what are they going to do, dictate when it rains and doesn’t?

Finance/Treasury, Defense/Security apparatus, internal services, transportation/infrastructure, Education, Health department and the president and his deputies. These are should make up an executive branch, everything else is either done through Parliamentary oversight, pieces of legislation to protect or left to the city councils and or the people to take upon the responsibility. Otherwise failed states have bloated irrelevant departments of the executive branch which have made the government ineffective and heavily corrupt.


“A society that fears domestic violence and an invasion from enemies abroad will forever live in fear and will focus more on war and survival than nation building and prosperity”– Tinashe Gwariro

What is a country if it is at war with itself, or fears its neighbors. I believe in the philosophy peace through strength. If your enemies know that your country can’t be invaded easily that the cost of war with your state is staggering as your security apparatus has the ability to defend that society and drag the war for years on end. Those enemies will not invade.

The state must provide for an adequate police one that is there to provide security for the society and maintain public order. But not to thwart political opposition and be used as a tool to oppress the citizens. Oppression of the citizenry over time can create a ticking revolting time bomb. As society overtime can find the courage to fight back leading to chaos and death that is not necessary in nation building. As I said in my previous blog “A man was born free, he should live free or he will die fighting for his freedom”.  Security apparatus must be to maintain peace from those that want to commit harm. Failed states are those that oppress their citizens through the security apparatus. For what is meant to be security becomes a state of fear.

It is therefore necessary to have a strong military that is ready to respond to foreign threats, on that is educated and is reminded that it serves the people and is not there to do the bidding of the elite few, a police force that is citizen friendly on that inspires the youth to maintain order and peace, that promotes coexistence, a police force that is there to maintain law and order regardless of who did the crime. An in intelligence service that always provides the leadership with the right information and threat assessments so that the nation is not caught flat foot and attacked but is on its toes ready for the evolving threats that exist.

I hope I have put some ideas in your head and made you question. Does my government do enough for me as a citizen? Do the institutions that are there create prosperity and security? Above all is there a political process that is inclusive and free as it is a society through its game of politics that dictates how its leaders will govern. If so then debate until next time world citizens……….NOW BEGIN TO BUILD YOUR NATIONS.


Nation Building: Xenophobia, Racism the African Mentality

“AFRICA oh AFRICA how beautiful you are but yet you continue to harm yourself, with scars of hatred, War, and Greed you ever so try to remove your beauty, your potential, your life from yourself.” –  Tinashe Gwariro

Taku 20150416_075711

Now I know that on my previous blog Gwarinomics Nation Building Part II i promised to talk about the Institutions of government that mattered to nation building. But with this sudden tragic event going on in South Africa labeled Xenophobia I decided to jump the gun on Nation Building Part III and talk about this problem down South and how it affects Africa as a whole.

It is tragic that once again in Africa we are having a situation where people are being gunned down, stoned to death, tortured, and worse burnt to death….all because they are of a different race and let’s put it this way stronger financially. The events in South Africa are disturbing and needs to come to an end once and for all. For this to happen we need to find the root cause of this problem.

I don’t believe that this is just a South African problem but a problem for the greater part or Africa or if not Africa as a whole. For generations and centuries upon centuries we as Africans have always had this deep-rooted belief in tribalism and in today’s terms that belief has manifested into what we call Race wars or Xenophobia. The question is why Africans can’t believe in the principle of “my brother’s keeper”, why can’t we look beyond our skin color and religious beliefs.

The answer is simple an inherent lack of leadership, Education and let’s face it common sense. This is not the first time something of this nature has happened let’s look back at the Rwanda Genocide that was basically Race war on Steroids and the shocking part it was all based on who had a darker or lighter shade of the African Brown or Black color. If African leaders as a whole weighed in on the matter and if leadership in Rwanda attempted to stopping this violence instead of inciting it even further by calling for the removal of the so-called ‘Cockroaches’ maybe that genocide would have been avoided….like the Rwanda genocide Xenophobia lacks clear crisp decisive leadership from all African States. Its one thing to say something good in public it’s a whole different story to actually put pressure of the South African government to stop the violence. Come on Africa if an American gets stoned in the city of Durban US Special Forces are there the following morning to put an end to the crises only because American Leadership cares for its own citizens no matter the crises.

Now I’m not advocating for a full-scale invasion of South Africa but certain steps can be taken, shunning the government of South Africa on the international stage, Isolation by removal of membership In SADC hell anything that doesn’t necessarily involve the use of military intervention unless off course another Rwanda Genocide happens again.

Another problem to this Xenophobia is simple lack of education and common sense…..from the videos circulating on all social media I’m still yet to see a well-educated South African who is stoning someone to death. The greater majority of the culprits are the usual hooligans who claim that foreigners are taking their jobs. Let’s face it they are taking your jobs because many off you are firstly school dropouts, Teen Mothers, drug users and anything else that is associated shear hooliganism. I mean how do expect to get a job when you failed matric, you don’t have a diploma let alone a degree. Many of the people stoning foreigners to death hate going to school anyway and yet believe that they are entitled to jobs, medical aid, and the many benefits enjoyed by the educated, well brought up foreigners who invest their time reading a book and creating businesses big and small.

The shocking part is many of the people burning are parents, how on earth do you harm another father or mother and go back home to say you’re a great parent, and the most amazing part is the Youth follow blindly into this chaotic situation that will not benefit them at the end of the day.

Now I am going to be one of the few Africans to give a solution to this problem both at government level and societal level.

  • Change your leadership Voice out your concerns. These post-colonial governments have failed most Africans. It’s not just a South African problem. Many Youths all around Africa are graduating without jobs and resorting to behavior that is inhuman. So before any African both young and old picks up a brick to stone someone. Ask yourself is it really a foreigner that is causing this or is it our so-called elected officials failing to provide jobs for all. Let’s face it, If Zimbabwe was the strong economy it was back in the 80’s and 90’s Zimbabweans wouldn’t have to be foreigners looking for jobs in South Africa anyway, If Somalia was stable peaceful and prosperous-Somalis would not have to be in South Africa getting beaten. It’s the same for all African Countries.
  • Government is not there to feed off its people. It is there to conduct the people’s business. Politicians forget that they are put into power to ensure that all citizens both domestic and foreign must be looked after, must be treated equally and that the government must provide the environment that is conducive for both Foreign and domestic business to thrive and where jobs are plenty and the health of all is safe guarded.
  • Parents keep your kids in school and Youth Stay in School: If many of you kept your children in school and if the young adults stayed in schools I could guarantee you there would be better leaders of the future, there would be more entrepreneurs that would create the jobs many are looking for. But most importantly Society would know from learning from History that Inhuman barbaric actions do not solve anything but worsen it as there is always someone who is always willing to thrive off the chaos
  • Let us be Human before anything else. For the moment we stop caring for each other, respecting each other’s religious beliefs and ideologies is the moment we just become animals feasting upon each other. But most importantly let us always evolve and realize that the Tribalistic, Racial philosophies of the old do not work in this New World Order. Constant improvement of us as humans and for humanity should be more important than trying to undermine the next person next to you for your own personal goals

These Solutions are just a few of the many that all Africans should take up. Xenophobia is just an isolated barbaric event that is happening in South Africa but like I said before it is not the first time that something similar has happened on the African Continent and if we the African people do not act it will not be the last time either and it may not be Xenophobia in South Africa it might be something far worse and far-reaching across the African continent.

“AFRICA oh AFRICA how beautiful you are but yet you continue to harm yourself, with scars of hatred, War, and Greed you ever so try to remove your beauty, your potential, your life from yourself.” –  Tinashe Gwariro

“GWARINOMICS”Nation Building Part II ‘Size of Governement’

GWARINOMICS”Nation Building Part II “Size of government”

“Government must never be to big that it constrains and burdens the citizens, neither must it be too small that it becomes incapable of ensuring equality, prosperity and safety for its citizens. It must be appropriate enough according to its citizens needs and capable enough to function efficiently” – Tinashe Gwariro

Hello World

In my last blog I talked about governance and how poor governance can cause the most glorious of nations into desolate, poverty-stricken waste lands. I also talked about SMART GOVERNMENT and how it can help or should help a nation prosper. Today WE THE FEDERATION discuss the issue of size of government… or as we call it appropriate government.

Since its inception for over 200 years the United States has always debated on the size and Scope of Government with some arguing for Big Government lots of regulations and squeezing of the private sector and others Small Government with few regulations and opening the private sector to do as it pleases basically privatizing as much of the functions of government into the hands of the citizens.

But I believe that this debate is not limited to just the United States but the World over, especially in Africa where we see bloated government expenditures and unnecessary institutions that in the end are used for just for corruption by the men who are elected to conduct the people’s business.

Now I can’t really speak for the entirety of the World for I don’t have sufficient knowledge of other countries governmental operations but I can speak for Africa in general and Zimbabwe in Particular and then try link these to try explaining what I am saying.

Like many African countries Zimbabwe is a nation fraught with corruption and too many unnecessary institutions. This has caused a massive government wage bill that the country cannot sustain. A decade and a half ago 1 administrative position has been split into two or three of them. One wonders, is it necessary for a nation to have a Ministry of Tourism what will you be administering when you can have private entities to dictate terms within the industry and government can collect tax revenue from them without having to worry about the burdens and duties of administering the tourism sector with in that country.

Another mess is the ministry of Climate and another ministry of irrigation and mechanization…one wonders why can’t those be put under one umbrella term Ministry of Agriculture, it’s not like a man can decide on their own how to administer the climate and dictate when it rains or doesn’t neither can we have someone to look after irrigation because let’s face it farmers are not going to go to the nearest government office to purchase irrigation they are going to whatever private entity to obtain the best equipment and irrigation techniques to water their plants and the government is still going to tax those same private firms and the farmers any way….so why burden yourself over matters the private sector and citizens can handle on their own….this creates unnecessary regulations, bureaucracy and costs the government a hell of a lot because you’re going to have to pay the minister of whatever irrelevant department and his subordinates and whatever other costs that will be incurred.

Now I can keep going on and on and I’m sure in whatever country you may reside in you would question what certain branches of government are necessary. So what is my approach you ask..??

“We don’t have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven’t taxed enough; we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much”Ronald Reagan

Well government should be appropriated according to the size of the nation’s population. There is no point in having a bloated government when your Nations total population is less than the size of the population of the city of New York which is 19,764,227(est. from United States Census Bureau) and well Zimbabwe 14.15 million as of 2013. But yet it is Zimbabwe’s government wage bill that takes up 80-90% of the nation’s budget doesn’t that show that government has become too large for an economy that already is too small and nonexistent and a population that is not large enough to require over 500000 government employees that are not necessary. If a nation is not at war or does not have any existential threats why keep recruitment of troops at high numbers, rather than divert funds to departments that matter, why keep a heavy security apparatus when most of the people are idle and incapable to remove an already established government and again with no existential threat. Why have government agencies that are not necessary where the cost and responsibility can be off loaded to the private sector and the citizens.

Now one would ask so what branches of government are necessary and which are a waste of time.

Firstly there are what I call no brainer assets of government, these are Education, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Energy, Finance, Judiciary and Law enforcement, the Executive office and Parliament/Congress and only if there is a clear existential threat or a domineering empire building foreign policy does a nation require a military.

In my next blog I will talk about which of those offices, administrations or branches of government matter the most and should not be compromised upon……….To be continued.

“GWARINOMICS Nation Building”

GWARINOMICS” Nation Building

When a citizenry loses faith in government, it is because government has become a disease that has eroded the very fabric of a nation’s society”-Tinashe Gwariro

Throughout the course of history great nations and nations that have turned into empires all had one thing in common. It was “Great governance”. Whether led by a monarchy or through a democracy these nations all had leadership the people could trust and believe in.

Off course the makings of a great nation goes beyond just great leadership. It involves a citizenry willing to follow its leadership, a citizenry that understands its leadership and above all a citizenry that believes in its leadership beyond reasonable doubt. But off course other factors come into play; economics, society social structure, education, culture, religion, and obviously a nation’s ability to always evolve. All matters that I will talk about much later on. First we must delve deep into the issue of governance.

“Most bad government has grown off TOO MUCH Government” Thomas Jefferson

Throughout the evolution of the state or empire the question that always remained was is government to big or is it too small and the powers bestowed upon it. Citizens of the great monarchies of Asia and the centralized Monarchies off Europe mostly or all had one thing in common; “centralized power” and too much of it rather. When power is all at the center it is open to abuse and corruption and at times it hinders a nation’s ability to evolve to its next stage of social and economic evolution. When power is constrained to a single individual, family or aristocracy this means ideas on ways to govern are always limited.

Recent History has shown how when power is central and not in the hands of the majority nations are bound to collapse sooner or later, case in point Tunisia, Egypt and Syria all have one thing in common failed experiments to totalitarian rule by Family Dynasties. For decades on end these countries ruled with little or no democracy, free speech was stifled, progression of the ordinary man was next to zero. These created years of continuous discontent and well as the result shows a ticking time bomb became a reality.

“Man was born free, he should live free or he will die fighting for his freedom”- Tinashe Gwariro

Now one would ask, what is good government? Well the answer is simple there is no such thing as a one size fits all good government just basic principles and the rest is up to the society and its leaders. So basically what people should be looking for is SMART Government and Right/appropriate Government.

We will start with smart government. This is what I believe to be institution of leaders that know and understand what policies work and what policies don’t. They learn from history and failed attempts to government and policy. It’s amazing that dictators are very educated individuals of history but they always want to repeat what has failed before of create a different variation of that failed ideology and policies. However smart government understands that its greatest threat to its nation is the ability or inability to always evolve.

One factor that is always certain is time will always move forward and change will always happen great or small. Smart government will understand how to accommodate or adapt to those changes i.e. Globalization has taken the world by storm but it’s not all countries that have taken advantage of this only because many leaders many of whom are African and especially Zimbabwe have all failed to grasp at this opportunity that has enriched citizens of other nations all because they have isolationist policies that either chase away investors.  Smart government would see what their nations have to offer to this world and adapt to its disruptive changes and create prosperity out of this disruptive change. It is through continuous improvement and constant positive change that government can ensure that its nation or state can always remain prosperous and strong.

In my next blog I will continue to talk about what is appropriate government along with nation building policies that I believe can ensure the survival of any nation that chooses to be ruled and rule well so stay tuned…………… TO BE CONTINUED.